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aewacs - moving up in the AWS partner tier

Great news! We are moving up on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ladder, from registered technology partner, to standard tier partner. The achievement comes only 6 months after we’ve launched aewacs.

aewacs CEO Bart Boonen: We’ve been developing aewacs for the AWS platform since early 2016. The adaption of AWS by customers is fast and they use a broad set of services. Customers do face challenges managing multiple AWS accounts; especially with implementing mechanisms to automate on/off time schedules, backups and cost optimization.

This partnership with AWS, after only 6 months, is a great achievement for us. We will continue to work closely with AWS to bring additional value to our customers.

AWS is the leading platform for public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service. aewacs is built specifically for AWS and offers customers the ability to build schedules and optimize cost management. Existing functionality covers a range of scheduling possibilities and cost management use cases, and includes:

  • small aewacs radar logo Schedule uptime for EC2 - Auto schedule instance uptime/downtime to reduce costs
  • small aewacs radar logo Schedule uptime for autoscalinggroups - Auto schedule autoscalinggroups uptime/downtime to reduce costs
  • small aewacs radar logo Schedule backups for EC2 instances - Auto schedule your backups for EC2 and set a retention period
  • small aewacs radar logo Schedule backups for RDS - Auto schedule your backups and set a retention and sync region
  • small aewacs radar logo Schedule uptime for Environments - Put instances or autoscalinggroups in an environment and schedule uptime/downtime for a bunch of resources

What are we working on next?

Currently we are working on aewacs release 1.2.0. This release will make it possible to list aewacs on the AWS Marketplace as a SaaS seller. This enables customers to use aewacs like any other AWS service. As with other AWS Marketplace products, usage is aggregated at the end of the month, along with other AWS products, and charged as part of an existing AWS bill.


We are always looking to improve aewacs with every release. Do you have any suggestions about missing functionality, think you have found a bug or something that can be improved? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us via contact page

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