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aewacs - features in handbook AWS’ Research Cloud Program

Today, Amazon Web Services launched the AWS Research Cloud Program. The first deliverable for the program is the Researcher’s Handbook for the Cloud. Guess what? aewacs is featured in this handbook!

Researcher’s Handbook for the Cloud

Researcher’s Handbook for the Cloud is a 150-page document, specifically aimed at scientific institutions. Interested in this free download? Register here.

Content of the handbook

The first half of the book is all about ‘Why the Cloud for Science’ and ‘How do I get set up safely’. Safety in this context means safe for data, but also safe for your research budget, a significant theme for the program.
The second half contains more than 75 pages of partner content, including partners that can help your organization with its transition to the Cloud. aewacs, being a technical AWS partner, is featured in this part.

How to use aewacs in Research & Technical Computing

aewacs can be used in various ways:

  • Start/stop schedule for DEV/TST/QA instances
  • Start/stop schedule for DEV/TST/QA environments
  • Start/stop schedule for DEV/TST/QA autoscalinggroups
  • Scale up/down schedule for DEV/TST/QA/PRD autoscalinggroups
  • Backup schedules for DEV/TST/QA/PRD instances
  • Backup schedules for DEV/TST /QA/PRD RDS

  • Needless to say, using aewacs can save a lot of costs on your monthly bill - and can thus save on your academic budget.
    Take a look at our FAQ for a full list of what you can do with aewacs.

    Need help?

    Does your company or academic (research) organization still work on-premise and are you ready for the transition to the Cloud? Please, reach us via email or phone (0031 85 201 11 61). We’re happy to help!

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