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aewacs is live!

Woohoo, the wait is over – aewacs is live! We’re very proud to be able to tell you that aewacs is now officially launched.

Why aewacs?

aewacs automates scheduled uptime (on - off time) for your AWS EC2 instances, and for your RDS and AWS EC2 instances backups. It also schedules your AWS autoscalinggroups and has the ability to suspend them.

With this simple tool, you’ll be saving costs and time, and you’ll have a clear overview of your resources’ activities. Good to know: aewacs comes in different shapes and sizes, so you’ll always use the plan that fits you best.

Wanna give it it try? Register for a free account.

From scripts to a multitenant scalable platform

Bart, CEO & Co-founder aewacs: “aewacs was born out of scripts we built to make our handling of multiple AWS accounts easier. As it happens, we kept adding functionalities to these scripts to the point that they were no longer sufficiently nimble. Then we decided that we really had to build our own tool. aewacs actually evolved from scripts to a multitenant scalable platform making use of AWS.

The very first version of aewacs was a small prototype to schedule back-ups for EC2 AMIs and take snapshots. Our customers loved it. They encouraged us to add more functionalities to aewacs. Now, one year later, we are very proud to release aewacs version 1.0.0.”

Go explore!

Now, let’s go and explore aewacs yourself. Register here.

If you have any questions or feedback, just leave us a message.

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