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aewacs - update 1.1.0

With the new 1.1.0 release of aewacs we have made aewacs even better and we’ve added some new functionality! We are always looking to improve aewacs with every release. In order to do that we listen to you our valued customer.

Other than the regular improvements like little bugfixing we’ve added the following new features:

  • small aeawacs radar logo possibility to sync only specific regions
    If you create your aewacs account we default sync all AWS regions. In order to give you more control about what regions aewacs syncs we have added an option to select the AWS regions you have assets in.
    You can find this new feature under menu option AWS accounts and then click on the synced AWS account.
  • aewacs detail screen showing the duplicate region feature</li>

  • small aeawacs radar logo possibility to sync your backups to a different region
    This was a much requested feature from our customers and we are happy to make this possible!
    On the backup schedule you can now set the duplicate region and specify a retention period as well.
    aewacs screen showing the duplicate region feature

  • small aewacs radar logo possibility to use AWS Run Command when using a schedule (béta)
    Sometimes you want to gracefully shutdown your application before shutting down the EC2 instance. This is especially applicable with enterprise applications like SAP. Therefor we have built an integration with AWS Run Command. We are currently testing this feature with a select number of customers. If you want to participate, reach out to us via contact page

  • small aeawacs radar logo possibility to have high level insight in AWS billing
    We are testing this feature with a select set of our customers. Soon we will release this feature to all our customers! If you already want to participate, reach out to us via contact page

  • aewacs billing feature screen

That are the most important changes we’ve done in this 1.1.0 release. Want to know what else we’ve been working on? check our improvements below.

Release Notes - aewacs - Version 1.1.0

aewacs improvements

  • [BDCP-237] - Create RDS detail page
  • [BDCP-238] - On AWS Account detail page show current and limit RDS snapshots
  • [BDCP-248] - Attaching a scale schedule throws an error
  • [BDCP-250] - Data inconsistency after deleting a billing payer account from aewacs: CbAccountDeleter
  • [BDCP-144] - Sync snapshots + AMI's with other regions
  • [BDCP-246] - Simple System Management Run Command (beta)
  • [BDCP-254] - Disable Run Command if EC2 instance in autoscalinggroup
  • [BDCP-255] - create action button on environment with additional functionality to manually start / stop
  • [BDCP-256] - RunCommands - if manual stop / start also execute the configured Run Commands
  • [BDCP-142] - read billing data
  • [BDCP-219] - automatic provisioning of aewacs
  • [BDCP-226] - Backup autoscalinggroups should be possible
  • [BDCP-229] - button to hide / show autoscaled servers
  • [BDCP-235] - automatically activate all items when plan is on unlimited
  • [BDCP-251] - Add billing to SQL upgrade scripts
  • [BDCP-257] - Correct REST path /start/autoscalings/{ec2AutoScalingId}
  • [BDCP-258] - Set regions to sync using GUI
  • [BDCP-259] - Add more permissions to aewacs-policy
  • [BDCP-179] - Environment Stop/Start
  • [BDCP-240] - Change CFN template to use aws commands in user-data
  • [BDCP-247] - change text Up Time to uptime
  • [BDCP-252] - Reference to instance name in backup
  • [BDCP-249] - Loading billing details gives SQL warning 1261
  • [BDCP-214] - Check if a missing snapshot does not block BackupScheduleProcessor

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