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aewacs - update 1.1.5

Yesterday we updated aewacs to release 1.1.5.

We love to get our hands dirty and provide you with the best possible aewacs. So we’ve been working hard on some improvements! Most of them are small improvements like putting a $ sign on the cost overview page. Others are improving the navigation in aewacs like adding a back button.

Check all our improvements for release 1.1.5 below.
While you are reading this I’d also love to share some insight in our versions with you.
Every intermediate version will only have small improvements or fixing some bugs that we’ve identified. As for our major releases, they will also include new functionality.

Release Notes - aewacs - Version 1.1.5

aewacs improvements

  • BDCP-266 - add option to select all services in surcharges
  • BDCP-277 - disable cancel / save button when executing manual start command for instance
  • BDCP-263 - Remove old code
  • BDCP-262 - Cancel button for Schedule-Select reverts to home screen -> should goto last screen (EC2)
  • BDCP-264 - add $ to billing pages
  • BDCP-265 - add back button on cost overview page
  • BDCP-268 - Adjust in superuser screen for surcharges
  • BDCP-269 - adjust text on customer surcharges overview
  • BDCP-270 - filter start date billing for aewacs customers
  • BDCP-272 - Stopping environment gives little details
  • BDCP-276 - add description to uptime overview page

We are always looking to improve aewacs with every release. Have any suggestions about missing functionality, think you have found a bug or something that can be improved. Let us know, we’d love to hear from you! reach out to us via contact page

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Photo by Ian Espinosa

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