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aewacs – Use case: Security Group rules

Today isn’t a good day for Pete. He’s an AWS SysOps administrator and therefore responsible for access control of the AWS cloud. Pete loves his job. But not today.

Pete is having a rough day

Yesterday, Pete’s colleague Mark emigrated. Mark was his work buddy. They could talk for hours, play their favorite ‘who can drink the most coffees in one day’-game, and laugh hysterically at Reddit threads. They were a team. Now, Pete’s on his own. And he’s got a dreadful task in front of him.

Pete looks at the piece of paper on his desk. It contains all the company’s IP addresses that have access to the AWS cloud. He needs to remove access of his former-work-buddy-Mark. He doesn’t want to, but it needs to be done. But, which IP address belongs to Mark? As Mark is probably still on the plane, Pete can’t contact him. There’s only one thing he can do now: he picks up the phone. It’s time to call his colleagues.

“Hi Karen! So, what’s your IP number?” After explaining how she can find it, he crosses out the number on his list. “Great, thanks!” Only 259 options left and then he’ll know Mark’s address… If everything goes as planned. Who knows, maybe Mark didn’t even have a permanent number.

Pete’s day would have been a lot better if all IP addresses were tagged; if they had a note that stated which colleague belongs to which address. He would’ve been able to pick Mark’s number out right away!

Tagging security group rules

Many AWS sellers don’t have this option. That’s just weird, if you ask us. Tagging security group rules is super handy and time saving. With aewacs, you can attach a note to an inbound rule, so you’ll exactly know that IP address 123.456.78.90/12 belongs to Jim, and to Michael.

aewacs detail screen showing the tagging security group rule feature

So, make Pete’s day a little better and tag your inbound rules with aewacs. Just give it a try with a free account. Pete would be thankful.

Photo by Tim Gouw

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